Information Security Policy

Autify, Inc. (“our company”) is engaged in the business of developing and selling automated tools for software verification work, and is engaged in activities aimed at broadly contributing to society. Our company will protect information assets entrusted to us by each trading company from all kinds of threats and will earn the trust of our business partners and other interested parties. To that end, we have formulated an Information Security Policy as follows and will implement safe and appropriate information security measures.

1. The Purpose of information security

Our company defines the purpose of information security and regularly evaluates its achievement.

2. Management of information assets

Our company promotes safe and appropriate management and operation of information assets by taking appropriate organizational and technical measures, and implements thorough safety measures to prevent information leakage, loss, unauthorized access, destruction, and tampering.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

Our company will comply with laws, regulations or contracts related to business and information security.

4. Implementation of education and training

Our company shall provide necessary education and training to officers, employees and those who use other information assets so that they fully understand our rules and are aware of the importance of information assets. We will also ensure that they are fully aware of this Policy.

5. Management of information security incidents (accidents)

We will prevent the occurrence of information security problems and respond promptly to any problems that may arise.

6. Continuous improvement

We will regularly review the operational status of information security and related regulations and improve as necessary.

Established April 7, 2020

Autify, Inc.

CEO Ryo Chikazawa