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Boost your test coverage with Autify's intuitive platform, featuring AI-maintenance and cross-browser testing. Unlock the full potential of your QA team and achieve higher-quality software releases.

Explore Autify's Robust Features

Cross-browser testing
Autify supports both PC and mobile browsers. This eliminates the need for managing and maintaining real devices or device farms.
Email Testing
Autify can run transition tests and check email content, such as new user registration and purchase confirmation emails. There’s no need to prepare an email inbox environment just for testing.
Parallel Execution
You can run multiple tests at once. The number of parallel execution can be customized based on your use case.
Step Group
Bundle up a set of actions into a Step Group. This handy feature is a time-saver when you perform the same actions across different Test Scenarios or when actions are repeated within a Scenario.
Service Integration
Seemlessly integrate with services you already use. CircleCI, Jenkins, Webhook, TestRail, and Slack are all supported.
Visual Regression Testing
Rapid development means frequent changes in the UI. Autify’s Visual Regression feature will automatically spot differences and run tests without maintenance.

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Mott automates 70% of their and Cost-effectiveness exceeds their expectations
Mr. Yuichi Sawada,  Mr. Ryo Niko @ Mobility Technologies Co.,Ltd.

"Autify improved our E2E test coverage and reduced manual testing by 70%, saving costs and boosting productivity."

Autify helps Money Kessai reduce their testing workload by 70%, saving 30% in costs and increasing productivity.
Mr. Yuki Shinohara @ Money Forward Kessai, Inc.

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Ensure software stability with Autify's AI-driven automated regression testing. Explore Autify's features and start your journey to efficient, reliable testing today!